Workers' Comp 4th Edition and Department of Labor 6th Edition Impraiment Ratings

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Our experience for over 15 years as Designated Doctors provides a unique approach to meeting the professional and business needs for our clients, giving them the confidence and trust of quality services and timely reports.  We have been trained to provide ratings in the American Medical Association's Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, in the 4th & 6th editions.

One of our missions at APRI is to provide personalized, high-quality analysis through our evaluation services.  

Each doctor has been vetted by the Texas Department of Insurance through extensive training and successfully passing the qualifying examination. We work with doctors of varying specialties to provide fair, accurate and objective impairment ratings and associated evaluation services such as FCE's.

About Dr. A

Dr. Alvarado, also known to his patients as “Dr. A”, earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 2005. He remained at UTHSC in San Antonio for his post graduate residency training.  Soon after completing three years of intensive surgical training, he entered and subsequently completed an Anesthesiology residency as well.   Dr. A went on to complete a post residency fellowship in Interventional Pain Management at UTHSC at San Antonio, where he also earned additional advanced track training. Dr. Alvarado is bilingual in English and Spanish helping to ensure his patients know and understand that the purpose of the impairment evaluation, the case history that has resulted in the presentation of the client and that he is performing the evaluation for examination only and that no treatment will occur during that visit.  

He was originally AADEP trained and passed his initial CEDIR exam in 2008 which qualified him as a Designated Doctor by the Texas Department of Insurance. 

He works full time as an Anesthesiologist in private practice.

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